29 – 30 May 2020
Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel

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The 8th Security Project Conference, which will take place on 29 & 30 May 2020 in Athens, at the Divani Caravel Hotel, by Smart Press and the Security Manager magazine, will once more be the only conference event about management, services and technologies for security in Greece, as well as the annual summit for experts and professionals in security and safety.

Under the title “We create today a secure environment for tomorrow”, Security Project 2020 aims to highlight policies, strategies and technologies, developed for security with long-term viability, to stand the test of time.

We all know that threats evolve in quality and increase in quantity, which is why we should implement risk management practices, and utilize technological tools with long life and long-term planning.

In businesses and organizations, critical infrastructures, our private home environment, as well as society in general, it’s important to build a culture of security, focused around prevention and tackling of today’s risks, as well as future threats by malicious activities, including technical and natural dangers.

During this year’s Security Project, we will present all aspects of a future-proof approach to security, supported as always by two themed sessions:

On the first day, Friday 20 March, the Security Manager Forum will take place, while on the second day, Saturday 21 March, the Security Technology Day takes place.

Friday 29 May 2020 –

During the 1st day of the conference, there will be presentations and discussions with the participation of scientists and experts from the public and private security sectors, that will highlight modern challenges in Security & Safety, which national infrastructures, businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as civilians and the society in general, need to deal with, today. Specifically, we will analyze developments on new forms of threats about terrorism, extremism, organized crime, as well as low and mid-range criminal activity, as parts of an anti-criminal policy, looking to the future. We will also present ways to manage and prevent natural disasters, based on Civil Protection, as well as modern methods and solutions about Fire Safety, and of course Installation Security.

Saturday 30 May 2020 –

During the conference’s 2nd day, professionals and executives from Greece and abroad, will present contemporary developments in security technologies, focusing on solutions that enhance project efficiency, as well as adjustability in current but mostly future requirements that might come up. Centered around video surveillance solutions, alarm systems, access control, perimeter protection, fire detection, and combinations of all of the above, for integration, central management and smart automations, you will learn, among other things, about how system security projects and installers are affected by Artificial Intelligence, hybrid alarm systems, cloud computing, cybersecurity requirements, and GDPR compliance.

Sponsor Companies Expo

Once more, during Security Project 2020, an expo by sponsor companies will take place, enabling visitors to get in touch with businesses active in Greece, providing services and solutions about security, in order to learn about their activities first-hand, and generally about all developments in this industry.

Who can participate?

The conference can be visited by:

  • Security managers and staff from major private businesses and public organizations
  • Private security executives and staff
  • Professional installers active in project implementation and security systems retail
  • Executives and staff from the police, fire department and the military
  • Academics, scientists, researchers, trainers, students, and civilians interested in security

The  Security Project Conference, organized by Smart Press, and Security Manager magazine, is now the top annual event for physical security in Greece. Since 2011, it has been charting a rising course, mirrored by numbers and attendance statistics, as well as the overall recognition by this industry and technology community of Security.

The 2019 event attracted more than 700 visitors and was supported by more than 40 sponsor companies, covering a wide range of subjects on security, through 40 main presentations and workshops, that took place.

Security Project oganized also every year in Cyprus

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