The Security Project Conference – the leading meeting of security experts in Greece – will be held for 3rd time on 24th & 25th of April, 2015, in Athens at Titania Hotel.

Considering that, the requirements for security in all sectors are growing continuously, while there is a highly competitive environment in the provision of services and solutions, the key word that can lead to effective and quality cover of the needs which arise today, is the word “innovation”.

The aim of the the 3rd Security Project Conference is the promotion of the innovation, in all aspects of security, as a pillar for addressing threats to professional, social, family and personal environment, but also and as a condition for further development and recognition of professions related to this field.

During the two-day Security Project Conference, the participants will have the opportunity to attend the two following sessions: the Security Management Forum and the Security Technology Day.


1st Day – 24th April

Security Managers Forum

The constant development and redefinition based on the needs of strategy, governance, management and operational security projects, is crucial. To achieve this, it is required lifelong learning, continuous update on the developments and enrichment of knowledge from a wide range of disciplines.

Directors and managers of security departments of private and public enterprises and organizations but also executives of the Private Security Service Company, and professionals in the area of security, will have the opportunity during the 1st day of the Security Project Conference and under the Security Managers Forum session, to attend presentations covering a wide range of topics such as:

 Training, VIP Protection, Crisis Management, Personnel Safety Management, Risk Assessment, Management and Information Security, Fire protection.


2nd Day – 25th April

Security Technology Day

The technology itself is a pillar and a key link in the security chain. Nowadays, the integrated solutions, systems and products and the products which are related to computer security, evolve and adopt increasingly innovative technologies, in order to address the needs of the time for greater efficiency in safety, flexibility and functionality.

The professionals involved in the establishment and implementation of security projects and executives who are responsible for the management and supervision of such projects, will have the opportunity on the second day of the Security Project Conference, which is dedicated to technology, to be informed for the new trends, which the system manufacturers adopt, on how these trends cover the new demands and what advantages they offer on the installers and theirs customers.

Security systems market specialists, from Greece and abroad, will highlight the technological potential of modern surveillance solutions, focusing on IP technology, the ultra-high resolutions and video analytics, modern trends in alarm systems but also the developments in the fields of access control, fire protection, perimeter protection and other sectors.


Company – Sponsor Exhibition

Under the Security Project 2015, the Company-Sponsor exhibition will be held, giving participants the opportunity to come in contact with companies that offer services in our country in the field of security services and solutions, in order to be informed “face to face” for all the developments in the sector.


Security Labs

During the Security Technology Day, will be held Labs, with technical and practical presentations by experts on issues related to security, reserved exclusively for professionals.


Who will attend?

On the Conference will be invited to participate:

  • Security Managers from in-house departments of Companies & Public Organizations
  • Managers and Executives of Private Security Service Providers
  • Security Systems Installers
  • Executives of Security Forces.